I did wake up early Friday morning for a run, and I am so glad I did! I felt GREAT!  The guys I run with can be so entertaining and Friday was no exception.  These guys do the same thing every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (I could get a bit bored with that if I ran with them all the time).  We did it about 2 minutes faster than when I ran with them this summer. That’s always encouraging!

Saturday, I probably got about a mile in as I hauled it to the back of Oglethorpe’s campus to catch my girls a few times in the middle of their race, and then hauled it back to catch the finish.

Today, I wanted to get a good long run in.  I decided to go 10 miles – out and back on Scenic Highway.  Brutal.  Yet I wanted to get it done during the girls’ naps and wouldn’t be able to do that if I drove somewhere.  So I ran from here to the curve that is just before the Healds’ farm and back.  From the hang gliders to the turnout and back (middle 4.5 miles) has some serious rolling hills.  Even with those hills, I averaged 7:34/mile.  Nice.

The HALF is looking good folks!!!


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