I had a great run Saturday (just over 11 miles at an 8 minute pace).  It made me so excited for the upcoming HALF thinking my goal really is attainable.  Monday I felt good on a tempo run. Tuesday I felt sluggish – what should have been an easy run felt HARD.  I took yesterday off to time the team on a sweet track workout in the rain (subnote – they ran GREAT – nailing their ambitious goal times I set for them!!!).  I thought I’d feel great today and planned to get in some miles.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  My legs felt heavy and I overall felt just plain sluggish and only ran 4 miles.

Several thoughts …

Looking at my running log, I’ve had 4 great weeks since 2 weeks off from my ankle sprain.  There’s a lot of wisdom in every few weeks, backing off a bit.  Maybe my body is telling me I need a lower mileage week.

I’ve also realized over the past few weeks how I need to pay careful attention to what I eat during the day. My tendency is to not eat enough during the day (unintentionally as I get busy with the girls, etc) and then be very hungry post-run and eat a huge dinner.  Not good!  I’ve been working to make sure I stop to eat a good breakfast (such as eggs and toast or homemade granola with added flaxmeal) and a substantial lunch.  That makes a big difference in how I feel during my afternoon runs.

I think the combo of those 2 things is why I’ve felt sluggish this week.  My brother talks about this on his blog as well – how some days you just don’t have it and that’s okay.  It’s part of running!  But I will say, I’d take his sluggish days ANY day!!! :)

I’m leaving tomorrow night for a quick overnight cross-country trip to Atlanta.  Thus, I won’t be able to run tomorrow unless I go early and Saturday’s running won’t add up to much as I dash around the race course.  So now, at 10:20pm I’m debating if I’ll wake up at 5am, pump (joys of nursing a baby), and run with some guys that always push me and make me laugh, or if I’ll sleep in.  I need the run.  Do I need the rest?  I think I’ll feel better if I run.  Hope I don’t regret it!

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