When training for the Jacksonville and Boston marathons in 2008, I faithfully took glucosamine pills.  I was amazed at how well my body held up to the training and 2 marathons in 9 weeks and figured the glucosamine may have had something to do with it.

Fast forward to now.

I totally forgot I had taken this Shaklee glucosamine supplement until the other day when someone asked me if I had ever taken glucosamine.  DUH!  I had definitely wondered why my knees had felt so achy lately after long runs.  I haven’t been taking glucosamine this time around!  So, I plan to call mom in just a bit and order some (mom is a Shaklee distributor) and hopefully it will make a difference.  I’m pretty confident it will.  In 2 places above I have a hyper-link to the glucosamine I have taken.  Here’s a Wikipedia article if you want to read more.  You can also buy various glucosamine supplements at the grocery store or health food store.  I’m biased to Shaklee due to their commitment to high quality.


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  1. I just gave you a “Lovely Blog Award!” Thanks for writing such a helpful blog. Be sure to check out my post! (And I hope you guys are doing well!)

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