Race for the Cure

I ran the Race for the Cure 5K today.   When I race, I always set a high goal and a low goal – low goal is something that I feel fairly confident I can accomplish; high goal is a stretch that I would be ecstatic if I accomplished.  Today, my low goal was to run under 21 minutes; my high goal was to run under 20 minutes.  I ran 20:47.  I’m happy.  I do wish my 3rd mile had been faster (my splits were 6:13 – 6:41 – 7:16).  The 1st mile is down hill, the 2nd mile is flat, and the 3rd mile has 1 hill and the rest is a very gradual uphill.  I was the 2nd place women (Gina Krabbendam won in 19:44 – she is A M A Z I N G!!!).

In a lot of ways, I HATE racing a 5K.  I’ve really come to prefer longer distances.  A 5K hurts so bad!  I like in the longer distances to start conservatively and to built speed as the race progresses.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get any more races in before the Philly Half Marathon in November.  I am so excited about that race! :)

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