the past few days and a look ahead

Last week was a post-Cora high – 30.8 miles.  The week culminated in a 10 mile run on Saturday – 2 laps around the Racoon Mountain reservoir.  I ran with 2 of the girls on my team – it was a great run – solid pace.  It did POUR DOWN RAIN on us the entire 2nd lap, but that made it kinda fun! :)

Yesterday, we did a tempo run on the roads from Covenant (aka – BIG hills). Today was supposed to be an easy day, but I ran with my top runner so it wasn’t particular easy for me!

I may do a 5K on Sunday – it’s the Race for the Cure.  2 years ago at this race, I broke 20 minutes for the 1st time since high school.  While I know that won’t happen on Sunday, I hopefully can still race strong.

I am registered for the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 22.  I’m not following a training plan because I figure if I run with the girls during the week, and then get in between 10-12 every weekend, that I’ll be good to go.  I’ve been thinking about a Spring marathon, and have narrowed it down to a few options.  It’ll probably be a few months before I decide. So more on that later!

1 last thing – I’ve added a tab above that has a link to my online training log.  I recently discovered the website Running Ahead and I like it!  It’s a bit limited in a few areas, but I really like how when I open up my training log, it gives totals, a bar graph of my runs, etc.  Feel free to look at that any time.  I’m trying to include as many details of my workouts as possible.  Let me know any time if you have questions about specific training that I’ve done or your own training.

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    Good luck!
    Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

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