back at it

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  It felt SO GOOD to run yesterday!!!  I had jogged a bit a few times last week, but yesterday was my 1st real run.  The ankle felt good – a bit weak – but not painful.  And hats off to the trainers at Covenant for figuring out a way to tape my ankle without my whole foot going numb.  They do a no arch with only 2 heal locks and it is PERFECT – I can move my foot up and down with no hinderance but it protects it from side to side movement.

So yesterday’s run … I headed out with my girls, thinking we’d go to the stop sign on Stephenson Ave – 5.5 miles round trip.    My “superstar” as I call her wanted to go a bit longer, and she is quite directionally challenged , so I told her I’d go to the 6 mile turnaround with her. When we got there I could tell she wasn’t ready to turn around – so we went all the way to LMPC – 6.8 miles round trip.  I was sucking wind BIG TIME on the way back trying hard to keep up, but it felt so great to go on a real run!  And last night I had that great, all over sore feeling.

This afternoon the team is doing a tempo run on the trails.  I think my ankle is feeling good enough to run on trails but we’ll see how it goes.


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