insight from others

My brother is a very good runner.  He has a blog, where he often talks about running.  His latest post is worth reading.  He references a high school teammate’s blog – another post well worth reading.

For years, I was part jealous part just plan annoyed that my brother ran so well.  It didn’t matter how well I did – he was always doing better – accomplishing more.  Looking back, I now see I was jealous of his work ethic. He sacrificed and worked so much harder than me.   He had a level of toughness that I flat did not have.

Now, I am so proud of him! I love to brag on his accomplishments.  He, too, has very much experienced the highs and lows of running.  In his early 30’s, he is loving running more than he has since high school.  I love reading his blog and the insights it gives into his psyche.

Jamey – thanks for motivating and inspiring me!

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  1. Jamey

    Thanks :) Very impressed with you as well!

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