My ankle is healing – slowly in my opinion :)  It’s so dang hard to be patient!!  The other coaches and I have laughed so much over the fact that we know exactly what to do and make our athletes do it – but it’s so hard to apply those rules to ourselves.  I had hoped to start some rehab exercises yesterday, but I was still too sore.  Hopefully today, but I’m actually a bit more sore today than yesterday (how in the world are you supposed to stay off your feet with 2 kids and a filthy dirty house?!!)

I’m still wearing the boot when I know I’ll be walking a lot.  It really helps a lot.  And either today or tomorrow (hopefully) I will begin all the rehab exercises to strengthen my ankle.  I’m determined to not be plagued by a weak ankle because of this!!!


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  1. Glad to hear the ankle getting better. I know what you mean on not taking your own advice. I give my wife advice on how to run without getting injured, then turn around and break all my own rules. Perhaps as long time runners we have a better sense of where the edge of the envelope is better than our mentees? Perhaps not?

  2. mamagoforarun

    Jamey, I think there is a lot of truth in that. I always talk with my team, too, about learning the difference in soreness and pain – and okay pain and not okay pain.

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