17 years of running – I had never rolled my ankle. Until today.  (bad word).  I set out on 1 of my favorite runs this afternoon – Bluff Trail from Covenant to Sunset Rock, and then back to Covenant on the roads.  It’s about 8 miles total (4.5 on trails, 3.5 on roads).  When running trails like this alone, I always take my cell phone just in case.  Sure glad I had it today!  So I was running along and wasn’t even on a technical part of the trail when, wow, holy cow. I rolled my left ankle and pain shot up. I couldn’t even walk at first.  I knew I was almost to the base of Sunset Rock – and I was able to walk it out, and even run a bit more, to get to the base of Sunset Rock.  As I was walking up the rock steps towards the road, it was hurting more and more. Jon was at home with our sleeping girls, so I called Mom. Thankfully she came to the rescue! :) – and drove me back to my car.

Now I’m laying on the couch, elevating my ankle with an ice pack on it.  It definitely hurts – especially if I move it side to side at all.  I’m going to go see our trainer at Covenant in the morning and see what she says.  I’m mentally preparing myself for the reality that I may not run this week.  Sigh.

It really is amazing that this is the first time I’ve experienced this!  And the not funny thing is, my super star transfer on my women’s team is in the same boat – she did the same thing in practice on Thursday.  Pray we both heal quickly!!

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