mileage high

It was a GOOD week – and my legs are T I R E D!!  – thankfully in a good way :)  I ran 28.7 miles this week. The last time I ran that many would be in 2008 when training for the marathons – about a year and a half ago.

To recap:
Monday morning – hill repeats (about 3 miles total)
Monday afternoon – 5.5 miles, good pace
Tuesday – 3.8 miles easy
Wednesday – 5.5 miles, good pace (on the roads from Covenant – so BIG hills)
Thursday – much needed REST
Friday – 3.7 miles easy
Saturday – 7.5 miles, comfortable pace

Thursday, the team did 800 meter repeats, so I timed/coached rather than ran. And I wasn’t complaining!  I do look forward to being able to run some of the speed workouts with the girls.   My women’s assistant coach is pregnant (we laugh that we’ve flip-flopped since I was pregnant last year – and watch me be pregnant again by the time she is getting back in shape after having her baby!!)  so while she ran the hard workouts last year, I’ll get to this year.

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