Yesterday afternoon, to supplement our morning hill workout, I had a pool workout planned.  That plan was thwarted with the pool being closed due to chemical issues.  Thus, after our core workout, I gave the team the option of 1) going for an easy run, 2) cross training, 3) calling it a day

I did a bit of office work and then decided to go run a bit more.  I ended up running 5.2 miles (added to the morning hill workout brought the day total to 8+ miles).  I ran by myself, which ended up being very therapeutic.  I hadn’t had alone time in a while and have been running around like a crazy person attempting to balance being a wife, a mama, and a coach.  It felt great!

So between Mondays’ runs and core workout (including lots of push ups), I’m sore!  This mornings easy run felt good to stretch my legs out a bit and now I’m going to “coach” this afternoon – watching their tempo workout rather than running it!

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