11.9 miles

This morning, I did what I often get mad at my team for doing – I did a run much longer than what I’ve been doing.  You’re supposed to up your mileage gradually.  1 of my assistant coaches and I always laugh at how we do things in our own running that we would kill the team if they did.  Yet I will say, I also know my body and how I respond to things and know what I can handle and what would be flat stupid (a little stupid, like this morning, is ok!).

I ran with my old Saturday morning running group. I hadn’t run with them in a year and it was so fun to see old faces and catch up!  I love the variety of this group.  Our lives rarely cross paths outside of these runs. The camaraderie  is superb.  We talk about food, books, our kids, tv shows, etc.  I love it.

Today’s route was a flat 11.9 miles.  It was so great to be off the hills!  We averaged an 8:17/mile pace. I’m quite happy with that.  My best for this route is a 7:47/mile pace.  My legs hurt already. Yet I love that feeling – sore but not pain.

My total for this week was 24.75 miles. I want to average 25-30 miles/week, which should be easy once my team comes back on Thursday.  I am looking forward to having built in running times with them each day.  I’ve been up in the 5am hour 5 times this week (4 to run, once for Cora).  I am exhausted and completely plan to nap when the girls do this afternoon.    For now, it’s coffee :)

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