Greenway Farms 5 mile Trail Race

As we lined up for the Greenway 5 mile Trail Race, the race director mentioned some “fun” climbs – I would not call the climb fun! It was a HUGE hill! Seriously – almost 1 mile UP.  Now, the decent was fun!  I later learned that my dad looked closely at the topo course map and decided not to run it do to the HILL.

Now that I have that out of my system – it was a lot of fun and felt great to be in a race again!  I went out with a friend and we hit the 1st mile in 7:02 (a bit fast for me at this point).  Our 2nd mile was 8:43 (we’d hit the single track portion of the trail and the rocks and tight corners slowed us down). Then comes mile 3 of UP – Amanda pulled away from me, and I was on my own feeling the burn of that 7:02 mile.  My 3rd mile was an embarrassing 10:44 (yes I walked some).  Mile 4 was all down hill and I did it in 7:16.  Mile 5 was 8:24, with 1 last hill.  Overall 42:10.  My goal was to break 40 minutes, but I also didn’t know about the hill when I set that goal. I do wish I had run more consistent – that will be my goal next time – to go out more conservatively and stay strong on the UPs.

My friend Amanda was the 1st place woman. I was 3rd (which did win me a FREE pair of trail running shoes!!!!) I should have been 2nd. A girl passed me on the last hill and I was content to let her go.  It was 1 of those times when I decided to not let the mental side of running work in my favor. If I had decided to, I could have pushed hard enough to beat her (she only beat me by 10 seconds).  Oh well.

I’m debating on what my next race will be.  Cross-country gears up soon, and it’s hard to have the extra energy to squeeze in my own races, but I’m always so glad when I do.  It keeps me motivated.

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  1. Way to go, Debby! I didn’t even know you were there, and I was looking for someone I knew. I probably did my BEST mile in 10:44, and I walked that entire hill (but I was behind a lot of healthy looking people who were also walking, so I didn’t feel so bad). This was my first run since high school, and I was hoping to come in under an hour, and I did that, thankfully.

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