Finding the time to run is my greatest running struggle right now. The desire and motivation are there more than ever (most of the time at least).  I know this is common with young moms – especially with a nursing baby.  Cora largely determines when I run at this point.  If she wakes me up by 5:30am, I can feed her and head out for a morning run. Yet if she sleeps past that (which hear me say – I do not complain about!!!) there isn’t time to run before Jon has to leave for work.  Then there is the option of running right when Jon gets home. This is often hard for all of us as we’re all tired and hungry.  I can wait and run just before it gets dark, but dinner is still heavy in my stomach.  It is a combination of these 3 options that I use to attempt to patch together a decent running week.  This past week was rough – 1 mid week run and 1 Saturday run. Frustrating.

Compromise also plays into the scheduling. Jon is so incredibly supportive. Yet I want him to be active as well! – especially on his nice new mountain bike he got for Christmas. So while I was hoping to run this afternoon, he got the opportunity to go mountain biking on some great trails he’s never been on.  With zero hesitation, I told him to go. I’ll run later or tomorrow or in 3 days. Whatever works.

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