going the distance

You’ll notice on the side bar, I have 2 sites that I like.  My brother just told me about the GMAP measuring tool.  I’d used www.mapmyrun.com in the past … but www.gmap-pedometer.com is better!  It’s a great tool to plan a run.  On Wednesday, I used it to map out a run.  It said it was 4.25 miles.  When I ran it, my Ipod chipsaid the distance was 4.18 miles.  Only .07 difference between the 2 on a hilly course – not bad!  Now I might think otherwise on a 20 mile run when I thought I should be done but had .35 miles to go! Yet all said, I was impressed at how close the 2 were.

I do like running with my Ipod chip – it not only tracks distance, but pace per mile.  Being a type-A runner, I like to know my pace about as much as my distance.  And I never say, oh I’m going to go on a 30 minute run. I always set a specific distance. It gives me more motivation to push myself – the faster I’ll run the sooner I’ll be done! (I drove my highschool teammates C R A Z Y with that philosophy)



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3 responses to “going the distance

  1. Jamey

    After college I switched to the “going for a 30 minute run mentality”. But now I’m going at it semi-competitively again, I find I like knowing the more precise pace and distance. But sometimes the truth is frustrating!

  2. mamagoforarun

    I get too lazy and run too slow if I give myself a time distance – especially if it’s an “out and back” run. If the truth can be frustrating for you – imagine how it is for me!!! :)

  3. Dadeo

    Then there is old single speed bike dad although I do find my ipod chip makes me it push it a little bit anyway. Long as I can go 30 or 40 minutes I stay pretty happy!

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