As I mentioned, my husband and I (along with a few friends) have an April challenge going – no sugar and 4000 pushups.  9 days in, I’m right on track.  14 push ups ahead of schedule actually :)  My hubs is doing 3 days on, 1 day off to get his total. I am just going for 134 a day.

I like challenges like this – I like the sense of working towards a goal.  Keeps me motivated.

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awkward competition

Running in the dark this morning, I came to a T intersection, and had to do an awkward side step to not run into a guy coming from the other direction.  He keeps going straight, the same way I am turning, but he is on the sidewalk and I am running on the road – on the other side of the road facing traffic.  SO we are basically running even with each other, but on opposite side of the road.  I probably picked it up a bit because I am competitive and not having raced since JUNE my competitive juices are seriously pent up inside me!  I was pulling in front of him a bit.  And then it was like he realized this GIRL was running faster than him. So he noticeable picks it up and pulls ahead.  But then he slows.  This just feels awkward!  We run even again until I need to turn right, which means crossing over the side walk where he is running even with me.  So I do an awkward stop, thankfully I need to wait on a car so it is not as awkward as it could be, and we both carry on our runs.  And I analyze our little competition the mile and a half home :)

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good eats

I’ve seen multiple meal suggestions of an egg/avocado combo – fried egg on toast topped with avocado, soft boiled egg mashes up in a bowl with avocado, etc.  I’d always thought love eggs, love avocado, not crazy about the idea of them together.

I finally decided to try it a few days ago … yep, it’s seriously good!!  I had it for lunch again yesterday, this time topped with a bit of Trader Joe’s cowboy caviare.  Oh.my.tastebuds.goodness it hit the spot!!!



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April’s challenge

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my kids and I just got back from a 2 week road trip.  We visited family and best friends.  And thankfully we call family best friends too! I know that is not always the case and it is something I treasure immensely in our lives.

Our 1st stop was at best friends’ house just up the road in lower Alabama.  While my 3 and her 2 were playing in best friend bliss after not seeing each other since early December, us Mamas were enjoying catching up.  As we talked through my no sugar February, I told her I would love to do it again with her – ya know, for accountability and support.  At this point it’s March 17 and I am on the front end of 2 weeks on the road AND 2 of my kids’ birthdays March 29 & 30.  So April 1 was a logical start date.  She did text me this morning making sure I wasn’t pulling a cruel April Fools joke!!

When I got home a few days ago, as we thoroughly enjoyed A LOT of birthday cake …
DSC_0722(my cakes may not look pretty but you CANNOT go wrong with homemade chocolate icing … you know, chocolate, butter, powdered sugar – and the blue & pink is to make the 3 year old birthday boy on March 29 and 5 year old birthday girl on March 30 both HAPPY with 1 cake! – we’ll see how many years I can get away with 1 cake!)

as I was … eating lots of cake, I asked my hubs if he wanted to do no sugar April with us.  He immediately says, “sure and we do 4000 push ups” – and he was being SERIOUS.  Being competitive and loving a challenge, I say “SURE!!!”

Our discussion was pretty comical as he realizes no sugar means no coke which really means no Jack and coke and over the course of the night he decides if he drinks a Jack & coke he takes a 50 push up penalty. And for the record, no Jack and coke is fine except for the 4 days his boss/really good friend will be staying with us.  Their “thing” is drinking Jack and coke together.

He also says maybe I should aim for 3000 pushups not 4000, which of course makes me go “Oh you watch me I’ll do 4000!!! Wanna make it 5000?!” and then I come back and realize 4000 is plenty and I really may not make it!

Then I realize he’s texting some of our other best friends in PA to get them on board.  Oh and the husband of my friend who I started this with is on board – he and my hubs really are attempting 5000 pushups.  Our PA friends are doing the push ups but not the no sugar.

Anyway, I love it! I’m crazy and I love a challenge and reaching a goal and having friends involved just makes it PERFECT!! :)

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celebrating with others

(yes I am alive!!  The blogging silence has been due to a 2 week road trip, just me and the kids, with no computer and I am 1 of the only people in America with NO smartphone, so internet access/time was limited. It was nice to feel “unplugged” for a while)

There are a lot of things I love about running, but a big one is the running community and celebrating with others.  It brings me such joy to celebrate another runner’s accomplishments!  I got to celebrate running joys with my sister while visiting her on my recent road trip.

A while back my sister asked me to help her with a plan to start running.  I’ve done this for several friends and I was so excited to give her tools to get started.  She started with run/walk intervals and has built up to long runs of 7 miles on the weekends.  I am so impressed and proud of her. She is truly a natural runner and runs effortlessly (which makes me wonder what she could do if she wanted to increase intensity!!)

Last Saturday, her amazing husband was happy to hold down the fort with their 3 kids plus my 3 kids while we headed out to run.  I made sure to not push the pace and just run side by side.  She kept saying we needed to slow down, but we never really did.  We finished 7 miles at an 8:45 pace. She was FLOORED – never did she imagine she could run that far at that pace! It was so fun being apart of it and being so excited with her! And it was my longest run since my injury!

Sunday, her amazing husband kept the kids again and we head out for what she says is a “short, easy run” – well that is 4.8 miles at 8:30 pace!

She’s a natural I’m telling you!

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I had a stowaway on my run yesterday.  Soon after I started, I felt something in my shoe.  As a given rule, I only stop under a street lamp, so ran until I came to the next lamp … took of my shoe and shook it. Nothing. Snook harder and a ROACH fell out. I seriously almost got sick.

If my husband where to tell you 5 important things about me 1 of them very well might be that I HATE roaches and justifiably wig out if I see one – or at least if it’s the big kind.

I was grossed out my whole run! – which wasn’t that long. But still. It had to have been alive when I put my shoes on. And I had been carrying my shoes around the house before hand.  I would have woken everyone in the house if it has crawled out on my hand!

Enough speculating and describing.  Hopefully this will be a 1 time experience!!!

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time change

It seems like all bloggers are mentioning the time change. Here is my mention! …

Pre time change, it’d be slowly getting light as I started my run, and so light by the end of my run that I’d turn off my BRIGHT RED flashing light. (which by the way is a GREAT little light!!!)

Now post time change … it was DARK and stayed dark my whole run yesterday.  In my groggy pre run / no coffee state, I thought about a Runner’s World article that said to run your normal route backwards just to shake things up. So I did.  And as I headed down a certain road mid run, I remember why I HATE running this road this direction – all the cars are coming at me, and the only not getting hit option is the sidewalk. And all runners (ok not all but some) know that concrete is harder/worse on your legs than asphalt. So running on concrete is bad!  But that was my only option when cars came at me!  And it was dark!  So every time headlights got close, I’d do this awkward high step/jump to get to the sidewalk. Car would pass, same awkwardness back to road. More headlights, back to side walk. Back to road. You get it!  Next time hopefully I’ll remember to only run my normal direction!!!

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